Chewelah came to being during the rough days of the settlement of the Northern Columbia areas.  The Indian tribes visited for centuries in this valley because the grassy pastures were irrigated by creeks, rivers and excellent ground water and the surrounding hills were full of game and lumber.  When the settlers came into the area they found these advantages made the valley a perfect place to put down roots.  The Chewelah Museum contains the remnants of those days in photos, letters, objects and historical collections.  Time falls back when you visit the museum and you will see the people who persisted in taming the beautiful valley.  We hope you enjoy the web photo gallery and invite you to visit the museum.

The Chewelah Museum Photo Gallery is under construction.   

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Museum hours:

The Museum is open daily  from June 1st through September 30th.   

From October 1 through May 31 the museum may be visited by appointment only.   

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Barbara Swanson at 509-935-6188. 


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