City Council Staff

Clancy Bauman


Clancy is currently serving his 3rd term as Mayor of Chewelah.  This term ends in 2013.  

Email | (509) 935-8311

David Haskell

Position 3

Email | (509) 935-8311

Krisan LeHew

Position 2

Email | (509) 935-8311

Jon Lind

City Council At Large Position

Email | (509) 935-8311

Sharon Ludwig

Position 1 / Mayor Pro Tem

Email | (509) 935-8311

Pamela McCart


Pam is responsible for the agenda and the minutes of the City Council meetings.  If you would like to be included on the agenda or need a meeting packet provided to you, please contact Pam. 

Email | (509) 935-8311

Roberta McMillin

City Council Position 6

Email | (509) 935-8311

Patrick Monasmith

City Attorney

Email | (509) 935-8181

Carra Nupp

City Council Position 4

Email | (509) 935-8311

Bruce Nupp

City Council Position 5

Email | (509) 935-8311

Planning a reunion or party??
If you are planning a family or school reunion or will be having a party this summer - don't forget to call the city for availability!! We can reserve the park, the civic center and / or the pool for whatever you are planning. Call George at 936-1961 for your reservations.

Don't forget our convenient drop box located in the parking lot in front of City Hall. You don't even have to get out of your car. Payments can be made after hours or on weekends.

Police Chief Notes
Check out the latest "Notes from the Chief" on Volunteerism!!!