TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Interlocal Agreement: Creating Pre-Membership Conditions Between Washington Cities Insurance Authority and the City09-0708/2009DOC
Resolution 08-09Process for Disposal of Surplus Property Other Than Real EstateRES 08-0907/2009DOC
Public Hearings
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
August 4, 2010Petition to Vacate Northern Half of Franklin Avenue between Victoria Street and Kruger StreetPH107/2010DOC
August 4, 2010Petition to Vacate Northern 15 Feet of North Avenue adjacent to Lots 1 thru 12 of the Neilson AdditionPH207/2010DOC
Meeting Agendas 2010
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
January 6, 2010Regular Agendaa100101/2010DOC
January 19, 2010Special Agendaa1001s01/2010DOC
February 3, 2010Regular Agendaa100201/2010DOC
February 3, 2010Special Agendaa1002s01/2010DOC
March 3, 2010Regular Agendaa100302/2010DOC
March 23, 2010Special Meetinga1003s03/2010DOC
April 7, 2010Regular Agendaa100404/2010DOC
May 5, 2010Regular Agendaa100505/2010DOC
June 2, 2010Regular Meetinga100605/2010DOC
June 2, 2010Special Meetinga1006s05/2010DOC
July 7, 2010Regular Agendaa100707/2010DOC
July 7, 2010Special Agenda CANCELLEDa1007s07/2010DOC
August 4, 2010Regular Agendaa100807/2010DOC
August 4, 2010Special Agendaa1008s07/2010DOC
Meeting Minutes 2010
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Regular MinutesJanuary 6, 2010cm100101/2010DOC
Special MinutesJanuary 19, 2010cm100119s01/2010DOC
Regular MinutesFebruary 3, 2010cm100202/2010DOC
Special MinutesFebruary 3, 2010cm100203s02/2010DOC
Regular MinutesMarch 3, 2010cm100304/2010DOC
Special MinutesMarch 23, 2010cm1003s04/2010DOC
Regular MinutesApril 7, 2010cm100404/2010DOC
Regular MinutesMay 5, 2010cm100505/2010DOC
Regular MinutesJune 2, 2010cm100607/2010DOC
Special MinutesJune 2, 2010cm1006s07/2010DOC

Planning a reunion or party??
If you are planning a family or school reunion or will be having a party this summer - don't forget to call the city for availability!! We can reserve the park, the civic center and / or the pool for whatever you are planning. Call George at 936-1961 for your reservations.

Don't forget our convenient drop box located in the parking lot in front of City Hall. You don't even have to get out of your car. Payments can be made after hours or on weekends.

Police Chief Notes
Check out the latest "Notes from the Chief" on Volunteerism!!!