Administrative Department Staff

H. Clarence (Clancy) Bauman

City Mayor

Mayor Clancy is currently serving his second term.   He works with the City Council on the management of the City of Chewelah.   He is normally available from 10 AM  - 12 PM Monday through Friday.  

Email | (509) 935-8311

Tracy Ferrell


Tracy serves as the secretary to the Mayor and the City Administrator.   She can assist if you need to schedule times to meet with them or have any questions in regards to the administration of the City.  

Email | (509) 935-8311

Curt Kelling

City Administrator

Curt is responsible for the Administration of the City of Chewelah.   He oversees all departments.   He is accountable to the Mayor and City Administration. 

Email | (509) 935-8311

Pam McCart


Pam McCart serves as the financial manager of the City.   She prepares the annual budget, does accounts payable and accounts receivable.   She also takes care of payroll and some human resources for the City.  

In addition, Pam serves as the Clerk to the City Council.  She prepares the agenda and the minutes for their meetings.  

Email | (509) 935-8311

Highway Repairs
US 395 will be recieving much needed repairs this summer. Check this website to receive updates on where and when the work crews will be!

Council Meeting Time Change
Effective July 1, City Council Meetings will start at 6:30!!

Don't forget our convenient drop box located in the parking lot in front of City Hall. You don't even have to get out of your car. Payments can be made after hours or on weekends.

Swimming Pool Opens
The Swimming Pool is Open! For more information call 935-6955